In this technology driven era, you might think that a name card is no longer relevant. However, if you are a professional, especially in business, a name card is still very much useful. In fact, it is important and regarded as a proper item to give out as you introduce yourself toward new people, especially potential business partners, clients, or even customers.

To make sure that your name card reflects your propriety as a professional, you have to design it the best way you can. Here are several things you should most definitely take note of as you design your name card so that you can impress people and put yourself under positive light.

1. Information Relevance

Many people make mistake by inputting information that are not very important and instead leave out the more critical ones. You have to put information that are important and preferably the way of contacting you the fastest so that you can quickly engage with them when they need you.

What information you should give with your name card:

  • Name
  • Job/Title/Position
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

The aforementioned information are the very basic. Lately, people also include their professional social media handle as well as website, especially for ones that need to provide their portfolio to assure people of the quality they possess.

2. Legibility

A name card’s content should be able to be read and understood easily. Ensuring the legibility of your name card can be done by paying attention to the name card’s font style, font size, and font color.

A name card’s font should not be overly stylized.  For emphasis in a certain part, it is okay. But for the entire thing, it is not preferable. Choose fonts that are simple and highly readable to avoid confusion. Also, the displayed text should not be too big but also not too small. Just make sure that it can be easily read from a reasonable distance and does not clutter the design. For the color, the right choice depends on the background of the name card. Just keep in mind that you have to make sure that the background color and the text color are of high contrast between each other to ensure legibility.

3. Paper Stock

If you want to appear more proper, professional, and elegant, you should definitely choose heavyweight or premium paper that are thicker and more durable than common paper. You can step up your game with a textured paper too. However, you should definitely consider your budget for production as well.

  • Finishes

4. Finishes can help you look more interesting, and you can even stand out more compared to other name cards. Commonly, people choose to coat their name card or even laminate it to make sure that it looks good and durable. Coating and laminating can make a name card more resistant when it comes to moisture, fold, crumpling, and tearing, and your name card can last a long time. It is especially good for name card with thinner card stock too

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