To make a good flyer, there are a few things that are important to be taken into consideration. Designing a flyer isn’t as simple as putting everything together and immediately printing it. You have to pay attention to each and make sure that they all create a look that is pleasant to the eyes. And most importantly, the flyer that you design must be able to deliver the core message that you want to let people know about, whether it is about your business, product, service, event, campaign, or anything else.

However, designing it well is not enough. You should try to look more interesting and definitely stand out in the crowd and leave strong enough impression upon people by applying these tips for your flyer production:

1. Finishes

There are several types of finishes that you can choose to use on your flyer so that the final product will look more interesting. You can either emboss your flyer, die-cut it, or any other types of finishes that suit the type of flyer paper. You have to first consult with the printing service to know which are possible to do and will look good on your flyer. At the very least, the choice of your finish must be able to put emphasis on the headline or the focal point of the flyer.

2. Print in High Quality

Designing an interesting flyer is not enough. You have to make sure that it is printed in high quality, with a printing service that is experienced and using equipment that are perfect for flyer printing. This way your flyer will look more proper and people can be more convinced of your promotion if you hand them out high quality flyer. To support high quality printing, you have to make sure that the design has a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, including all images or graphics on it.

3. Fold

Choosing to make your flyer foldable can really make it look unique. Not only that, foldable flyer can also provide more information because it has more space. If you are trying to let people know about something that needs a lot of details, then this option is really good for you. Although the design might be a little more complicated to do, it can definitely make you more remembered and look more impressive.

  • Full Color

Never forget about printing your flyer in full color. Avoid choosing to save money and print it in monochrome or black and white because it is unattractive. Choosing the right vibrant colors to use for your flyer can really help you to grab people’s attention as they take a look at your flyer or get their hands on it. Color is the easiest way for you to reach your customers and reel them into reading your flyer. You can also include some helpful graphics that aid you in explaining your points in the flyer. These graphics should also be in colors, and you have to make sure that it is of high resolution for high quality printing.

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