The time when you need to exchange contact information as you engage with other businessmen or professionals in your line of work often happens. Even though technology has advanced so much now, the use of name card is still often regarded as proper. As a professional, you must always carry a number of name card around with you in your pocket as you don’t know when the opportunity will happen.

A name card must be able to provide contact information accurately and effectively. But that’s not all. A name card must also be able to give off a good first impression so that you can get closer easier and gain greater opportunities in the future from the built relationship with other firms, potential clients or customers, other people in your profession, and so on.

Here are a few ways you can make your card stand out and come off as strong so that you can get remembered easier by people and regarded as proper.

1. Choose Bold Colors

Be brave with the choice of colors that you use for the design of your name card. Colors that are vibrant stand out more and they surely catch the attention of people a lot easier. You are free to choose between using solid color or even gradient for your name card, but make sure that all the colors that you choose work well with each other instead of looking tacky. Don’t be shy and make it full color so that your name card will look lively with them. If you represent a business or a brand that already has a designated color, then make sure to include that in your design for a subtle brand awareness promotion.

2. Card Stock

Don’t be average. You can choose premium quality card stock for your name card printing. Premium card stock are thicker and more durable than normal papers, but they also cost slightly more. However, this is worth it. They usually give off a different look and feel and they can produce sharper images or graphics if there is any. They can also work well with certain types of finishes that don’t really work on lightweight papers, such as embossing or debossing that can really make your name card look a lot more elegant and expensive.

3. Finishes

There are many different types of finishes as an extra final touch that you can choose for your name card after the printing process. Commonly, people choose to coat their name card so that it will look shiny and even more durable because with coating, your name card will be resistant to water better than not. Other types of finishes that you can choose are embossing, debossing, die-cutting, laminating, and others.

Tips: Never try to print your name card on your own, especially with limited equipment like a common office printer. Always hand the design of your name card over to a reputable printing service so you can get a stack of outstanding looking name card that supports the professional image you seek as you hand them out to the recipient of your choice.

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