Even though there are multiple ways to grant approval to official business agreements like contracts, proposals and such, the most trustworthy method implemented is still the using of  common seals. Companies can make use of the impressions these seals left to verify whether or not the approval is actually given. But creating a distinct and useful seal can be quite costly, which can serve as quite a bit of a problem.

So to help customers be able to exercise more creativity without overstraining their budget, we have created an affordable option to consider:

  • Pocket-Sized Common Seals (Company Seal)

For convenience purposes, our common seals are specifically created in standard pocket sizing. They can be easily stored and then set up whenever necessary. Use of our common seal is also quick and easy since you apply them on stickers.

Compact, quick use and easy to set up, our common/company seal is perfect for those who find themselves having to travel a lot. Taking the time to customise a common seal guarantees that you have yourself a reliable tool you can use for a long time without having to worry about replacing them.

If you need help learning how to take them apart and assemble them again, please feel free to consult our helpful representatives at our office for a demonstration!

Pocket-Sized Easy Use Common Seals

Model Dimensions (Diameter)Cost (SGD)
Lead Time
Pocket-Sized Common Seal35 mm

3 working days

*If you order before 3 pm on working day 1, you can get your order on working day 4 around 1 pm

Pocket-Sized Common Seal

35 mm


1 day express

*If you order before 12 pm on working day 1, you can get your order on working day 2 around 4 pm

Pocket-Sized Common Seal

35 mm


4 hr express

*4 hour limit applies after approval of artwork, last accepted order is by 12 pm

Additional Information

  • We provide 5 pieces of stickers in either red or gold for free with your order
  • You can order additional stickers for an additional $3 (10 pieces) or $8 (30 pieces)
  • You can also order logo design service for an added $5
  • We need a lead time of 3 working days to process your common seal (after full payment and design confirmation)
  • If you need urgent delivery, we provide 1 day express or 4 hour express service (please contact our staff for quotations)
  • Please also note that you need to place in an order before 12 pm for 1 day express service (collect around 4 pm)

How to order our common seals?

You can do so by either emailing us, leaving us a whatsapp enquiry or sharing your design template with us in good quality resolution through WeTransfer.