What is WoodFree Sticker?

WoodFree paper is a rough matt white paper sticker like our office Double A Paper, or copier paper. It is a suitable choice if your aim is to not have any shiny effect and not to mention, it is easy to write on.

What are the benefits of WoodFree Sticker?

If you are on a budget and looking to customise your own sticker at a cheap price, WoodFree stickers is the option you can choose as it is cost-effective! Woodfree Sticker is also known as offset sticker. It is uncoated paper hence it is able to absorb the ink better. By choosing WoodFree stickers, it also looks very presentable and good for your brand image.

What are the cons of WoodFree Sticker?

The cons for WoodFree stickers is that it is not tearproof and waterproof or water resistant. Don’t have to worry as we do have options for tearproof and waterproof stickers as well, which are – Matt White PP Sticker , Transparent Sticker and, Gloss White PP Sticker.

Why choose our WoodFree Sticker?

Our WoodFree stickers are the cost-effective options to select for your stickers and labels. The texture of our WoodFree sticker is similar to copier papers which is very suitable for a chill and cool ambience. Not to fret as you can still look elegant with this cheaper alternative option.