What is Transparent Sticker?

Transparent stickers also known as clear stickers are one of the newer concepts where clear vinyl offers no background when applied. But, it comes with a multi-colour printing advantage, giving a unique appearance to stickers.

What are the benefits of Transparent Sticker?

Transparent stickers are both waterproof and tearproof. Clear stickers allow you to have the freedom of having both opaque and clear elements in your design, so you can create something that’s playful and modern. These clear stickers are easy to peel off and stick.

What are the cons of Transparent Sticker?

The only cons for Transparent stickers is that it cannot be written on and have no white ink backing. But, if you are looking to get stickers that can be written on, all our other 5 materials that we have to offer can be written on! However, Transparent sticker is more suitable if your sticker has no white color. That is why if you have white colour in your artwork, it will be printed transparent. The transparent stickers can be used for items you want to give the additional information on but not covering by the sticker. Transparent stickers are usually used on souvenirs, jars, window glass, etc.

Why choose our Transparent sticker?

Transparent stickers have a transparent border around each design. They are perfect for sticking on glass and plastic. This sticker is the perfect choice if you are looking to take advantage of the background surface or if you want your design to stand out.