What is Mirrorkote Sticker?

Mirrorkote stickers have a off white colour, with slight gloss on the surface bringing out the shine for your stickers! Mirrorkote stickers can also be commonly used for sticking on packages. Examples are it could be used as return address stickers, brand / logo labels, food packaging or product information labels.

You are able to save time by just pasting on the sticker as your return address instead of writing it for every envelope that you have to mail out.

What are the benefits of Mirrorkote Sticker?

Mirrorkote stickers are the cheapest and cost-effective option and can be written on using ball point pen. It is slightly water resistant and is definitely one of the popular choices for sticker materials.

What are the cons of Mirrorkote Sticker?

The only cons that Mirrorkote stickers have is that it is non tearproof. If you are looking to get tearproof stickers, you can try out our Matt White PP Sticker which is also one of the popular options.

We have two more stickers that are tearproof and that is our Transparent Sticker and Gloss White PP Sticker which is similar to Matt White PP except it has a gloss-like finish instead.

Why choose our Mirrorkote Sticker?

Our Mirrorkote sticker is the way to go if you are looking to market, promote or advertise your company in a cheaper way. It is also a cheaper alternative to grab others attention as it has a gloss finishing which accentuates the shine of your stickers. Also, the gloss-like surface can help to add a more quality touch and it helps in your branding as the overall look will be a lot more classy and stylish.