What is Kraft Sticker?

Kraft stickers have a brown kraft matt surface and it comes from brown recycled paper, thus giving your custom stickers a unique look. Kraft stickers are usually used on packaging to accentuate a homemade feel in your products such as – jars, candles, and gourmet food labels.

What are the benefits of Kraft Sticker?

Kraft stickers is a creative way to get your message or branding across to the right audiences. Affordable and eye-catching, they are a great addition to your product packaging or to use in an offline marketing campaign.

Creating an organic and homemade look to your brand Kraft stickers with their standard brown colour holds an environmentally friendly principle – coming from the fact that the kraft stickers material is easily recyclable.

What are the cons of Kraft Sticker?

Kraft labels do not have any protective laminate or coating on them, which means that they are neither waterproof nor tearproof. This leads to a shorter life span in terms of ink rubbing off and labels getting damaged when it comes in contact with moisture.

Why choose our Kraft Sticker?

Kraft stickers are made from eco-friendly Kraft paper substrate, the material with a texture similar to the brown Kraft paper bags we used. That is why it is non tearproof, non waterproof and can be easily written on. It is also a new popular material that can draw out attention if you want to be classy and stylish!