What is Gloss White PP Sticker?

Glossy stickers are the same as our Matt White stickers – they are waterproof, tearproof, and can be written on. However, this has a Glossy sheen finish touch to it.

What are the benefits of Gloss White PP Sticker?

Gloss White PP has a gloss surface. This allows the stickers to be shiny. Because of the white film, the stickers have a strong adhesion, brilliant shine, and strong protection for your product. So it is absolutely fine even if it comes into contact with water.

What are the cons of Gloss White PP Sticker?

The only cons for Gloss White PP stickers is that it is not the most cost effective but it is still considered affordable. If you are looking to get cheaper stickers, you can try out our Mirrorkote Sticker which is one of the popular options or our Matt White PP Sticker. However, Gloss White PP Sticker is more suitable if your sticker or decal has a lot of colors in it. This finish provides slight glare, so stickers shine well well to any surface it is adhered to.

Why choose our Gloss White PP Sticker?

Our Gloss White PP stickers are affordable, and come with waterproof and tearproof features that help to boost the benefits of the sticker, which is giving you well protected stickers while looking sophisticated! It is recommended to get the Gloss White PP stickers if you want your products to stand out as the gloss surface really accentuates the shine of your stickers even more!