Networking in professional work or business is absolutely critical. If you want to grow and expand, open yourself to new opportunities, then you definitely should be able to present yourself in an impeccable way toward anyone who are potential for you as a professional. One of the ways you can do this is by introducing yourself the best way you can, and give them out your name card as a way to provide them with ways to contact you in case they need your service in the future. A name card can play a really important role in creating a positive image that will benefit you in the future. Below are the important tips on how you can design a name card that is impressive.

1. Information Relevance

A name card has a very limited space. Thus, it must be used wisely. Ideally, a name card only put contact information since it is the core purpose of it. It should not include any other information that are not important. The contact information that is put on the name card should also not be too much. Only put information that are relevant and ones that are direct to you so that people can easily contact you. Commonly, a name card involves the information of name, the job title or position, phone number, and e-mail address. Some people would also choose to include the address of their office, and including this information on the name card design is also quite important and useful.

2. Name Card Legibility

The legibility of a name card heavily relies on the font, including the font style, font size, as well as font color. The font style of a name card is preferably simple. It is much better to keep away from the types of font that look fancy. These types of fonts are regarded as overly stylized and they don’t really help a name card design in being legible. Instead, they most likely will cause confusion and misunderstanding. As for the font, ideally just keep it medium. Don’t be too big, and most definitely don’t make it too small either. The text of a name card should be able to be seen from a good distance without having to strain the eyes. The color of the font must be kept in a high contrast with the background color. For example, if a background of a name card is light, then the font must be dark. This also goes the other way around. If you put light colored text on light colored background or vice versa, then the text won’t be able to be read easily and you should definitely avoid this.

3. Print Professionally

Even if you have a great name card design, it won’t be able to look good as a finished product if you don’t have your name card printed in a good place. You have to find a printing service with the right equipment that can help you achieve a high quality stock of name card at a reasonable and affordable price.

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