To acquire high quality name card that can impress the recipients of it, you have to first design it the best way possible. Then, you have to find a good printing service that can provide high quality printing for name cards as well as finishes to make the final product look better.

The designing and printing process are equally important, because with a good design that considers the printing process, you can get an outstanding result. If you only prioritize one, then you won’t get a name card that is good enough to leave a strong and lasting impression upon its recipient.

To design a name card that can support high quality printing, here are the things you have to know:

1. Text and Graphics

Pay attention to the cut line. Remember to keep the text and artworks of your name card to be positioned at the very least 1/8 inches from the edges of the name card to avoid it getting trimmed from getting too close to the ends of the card. Even with the bleed area, it is better to keep this distance in mind.

2. Bleed area

What is a bleed area? Well, a bleed area is an area around the frame or edges of the name card that is purposely left blank. This part will help the printing service in the name card trimming process to avoid getting any part of the naem card from getting cut off. This can also help you to get uniform name card with accurate size and shape. The required size of bleed area may vary depending on the printing service so you always have to check with the printing service and ask them the measurement that they need for an ideal bleed area.

3. Background and border

To avoid getting a blank or clear part of the name card upon printing, you have to design the border and background of the name card to be over the edges of the designated side.

4. Design Resolution

Always work in 300 dpi. This resolution ensures high quality printing where you will get a sharp and crisp image that can make your name card look proper and professional. If you are not really sure whether or not your design will do well upon printing, then you should try zooming it all the way to 600%. This trick will help you see the quality that you will get after you print your name card. If it gets stretched or pixelated, then your name card will most likely get a bad quality. If so, then you have to change any element in your design that has a low resolution so that it can look good no matter what size of name card you print in.

5. Color Process

There are two color processing that are most popular, which are the RGB and CMYK. RGB colors are often found displayed on your monitor, and usually is the default for designing software. However, it is not very ideal to design in RGB because the printer for producing name cards will print the design in CMYK colors. With this difference, you won’t be able to get accurate colors in the final product. So match up the colors you use for design and the colors used by the printer inks.

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