How to prepare and save a print ready file in photoshop:

For example if you are creating a business card from scratch, Go to the top menu of photoshop and select "File" then click on "New" (as shown below)

You will now see a new window called "New Document", select a name if you want, Choose in the "Units" box drop-down "Inches" then specify width and height as shown below, Click ok.

Now you should have a blank document that is the correct size with bleed.

Here is an example using three lines of color to help understand the process Green = (safe area) Red = (cut line) Yellow = (bleed) So say you want to use a grass background , in this example notice that the background picture goes all the way to the "yellow line" this makes sure that when it is printed that you will have a completely black edge when it is cut.

Once you have your logo in the position that you want, then start adding text, example below. After you have finished your layout then save a copy of your document in its original format .AI.

To save as a .PDF follow these instructions: In the Photoshop top menu, go to File > Save As. Select a destination for your file.

Then choose "Photoshop PDF (*.PDF, *PDP)" for the format, Click save.

The "Save PDF" window will pop up. >Choose "[Press Quality]" in the first drop down menu, Then choose for compatibility "Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4)" as shown below.

Click on "Save PDF" at the bottom right and your done. After exporting your PDF and before uploading, you should open the PDF to ensure everything has come out as you have expected.