How to prepare and save a print ready file in indesign:

For example if you are creating a business card from scratch, Go to the top menu of indesign and select "File" then click on "New>Document"

Now a new window will pop-up called "New Document" enter the info exactly as shown below.

You'll  then be presented with a document as shown below. The black outline indicates the edge of the document itself - 85mm wide by 55mm high. The inner pink border is the 5mm margin, and the outer red border is the 5mm bleed.

Go to the top menu and select "File" then click on "Place" then browse for your logo and any other picture elements you want. After importing a vector graphic you'll probably find that it doesn't look too good on screen. If you want a more accurate depiction of what you're looking at, go View/Display Performance/High Quality Display to improve the quality of the items on screen (at the expense of working speed).

Once you have your logo in the position that you want, then start adding text, (example below). After you have finished your layout then save a copy of your document.

To save as a .PDF follow these instructions: In the In-design top menu, go to File > Export. Select a destination for your file, Choose "PDF" for the format. Click Save.

The Export Adobe PDF window will pop-up, Choose "[Press Quality]" from the drop down menu, then in the compatibility drop-down choose "Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4)"

Click on "Export" and your done. After exporting your PDF and before uploading, you should open the PDF to ensure everything has come out as you have expected.