Privacy Statement

This policy covers your control of your personal and business information, and our use of any personal or business information that you may provide to us via our website.

Our Policy

Our policy is simple: Your personal and business information belongs to you and you have control over how it is used. You can visit most areas of our web site without telling us about yourself, or your business, and not be required to provide any personal or business information to us. If you place an order with us online, we will require personal information to verify your purchase and which is for both for our security and your own. You may be required to provide your email address in order to bookmark, or save certain pages of the Professor Print website and access in order to access such website pages at a later date. Your decision to provide any such personal contact information is at your sole discretion and purely optional. It is collected however to ensure the proper functionality of bookmarking features built into the website. We may from time to time use information you provided to Professor Print to communicate directly with you about your experience with Professor Print, improve on any such functionality and for other promotions directly connected with such functionality. In no event shall you receive more than one promotional email from Professor Print within a calendar month. If you choose to opt-out of receiving any such emails, your email address may still be used to enable such boomarking functionality, but not for any other future correspondance, including promotions, emails, and/or other correspondance. Such opt-out information is provided to you on each and every correspondance and is respected in accordance with local, regional and national laws.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is any information that could be used to identify you, including data you provide when you contact us through our web site (i.e. name, email address).

What is Business Information?

Business information is any information that could be used to identify your business, including data you provide when you create and order products through our website (i.e. business cards).

Protecting information

Professor Print will NOT transfer, trade or sell personal information or business information to third parties under any circumstance, except in the event that a successor acquires nearly all of Professor Print's assets.

Your Personal and Business information is stored in a secure database and is only used for communications directly with Professor Print and may when required be shared with a third party directly associated with a printing order and for the sole purpose of assisting or faciliting delivery of an online order. We will disclose personal information to third parties only if:

  • We have your consent to do so;
  • We are obliged by a valid court order or you violate our Terms of Use
  • We are providing a service on the website that requires you to input personal information.

We take your privacy very seriously and will do whatever it takes to protect it in order to make your online experience with Professor Print a safe one.