Frequently Asked Questions

Professor Print Help

Q: You have thousands of business card images online. Are all of them free to use?

A: Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the most extensive library of business card templates online. Best of all, we provide all 10,000+ business card designs and our supporting online business card software free! Our online design library is so big and grows everyday that it is often licensed for use by other business card websites. We have either designed all imagery in-house, have had teams of freelance photographers capture specific themes, or have acquired all rights to use, distribute and sell imagery. The image itself is not your intellectual property, but you are acquiring a license to use our images specifically for printing and distributing your business card.

Q: What types of business card products do you offer?

A:We offer a range business card products including full color business cards, 1 color business cards with raised printing, business card magnets, metal business cards, business card stickers, plastic business cards and over time we’ll add more make-your-own products. The one thing all of our products have in common is that we do the printing. You design online and save both valuable time and money.

Q: Can I add my own logo or picture to my online design with Professor Print?

A: Currently, we do not allow you to include your own design or logo. Instead, we take pride in our ability to provide you with the largest online collection of business card imagery, already prepared in a print ready format (300-600 dots per inch). This allows us to maintain full quality control over the printing process, delivering printed business cards at the correct resolution, with the right color emphasis and color separation and based on industry standards for commercial printing. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for printed cards when your images are added to our templates, but we do allow you to upload a completed business card design for custom printing.

Q: In your online business card maker, what is the difference between "Simple Mode" and "Advanced Mode"?

A: By default, you enter the design studio in "Simple Mode", with the basic essentials to creating a business card design. However, click "Advanced" in the card design preview window and you will be presented with more design options including more buttons to manipulate your image. Click "Simple" and it will hide the additional and more advanced design functions from the display.

Q: I have completed my card design. How do I place an order?

A: When you are confortable with the design of your card, click either "Design OK" or "Approve Design". Either button has the same function. It tells our system that your design is complete, and will then present you with more options for ordering including quantities and costs as well as shipping methods.

Q: Why is the text on my card jagged and will it look that way when it is printed?

A:Your business card design is what we call a "proof". It tells us exactly how you want your card laid out, what imagery to print, and what contact and business information should appear. All business card designs on the Professor Print website are displayed in a low, Internet-friendly, screen resolution. As a result, text may appear jagged or not smooth as desired. This is done intentionally to ensure your business card can be created quickly and effortlessly online. For the final print, we guarantee that all fonts and images printed on our commercial printing press are in the highest print resolution (300-600 dpi vs. 72 dpi on your computer screen), industry standard print format, with smooth edges and crisp letters.

Q: How do I update the card design with my changes?

A: There are buttons on your screen which are labelled "Update Proof" or "Update Design". Clicking either of these buttons will reload the page with any changes you make to the template and update the card design in the preview window. If you have already ordered business cards from Professor Print before, use the printing order look up tool located on the top right corner of your screen.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: From the time you place an order online until you receive your business cards varies. For our popular glossy color business cards, the turnaround time is between 10-12 business days. For Express Digitally Printed Color Business Cards, the turnaround time is 48 hours. For our 1 color business cards the turnaround time is 3 business days. For Magnetic, Metal Plastic and Sticker Business Cards, the turnaround time is 14-16 business days.

Q: What are your methods of shipping and what does shipping cost?

A: Shipping will is currently calculated at a flat rate of $14.95 across Canada and the lower 48 states. Orders shipped outside Continental US, including extreme rural locations may be subject to additional shipping Our shipping methods include DHL express courier, Airborne Express, and Purolator Courier. We only deal with the most trusted and respected shipping providers to ensure your order is received in a timely manner and you can use the order look up tool located on the top right of your screen to track your order shipping status. If you don’t receive your business cards in a reasonable period of time, please contact us.

Q: Other than the actual card costs and shipping, are there any other costs I should be aware of?

A: No. That is it. The best part of Professor Print is that you don't need to pay any costly design fees, or setup fees associated with printing. You design, and we take care of the rest.