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An Introduction To Business Card Templates

Getting Started

When you're approaching your business card design for the first time, business card templates provide a good starting point. Our online business card templates offer a suggested layout, drawing on design standards used by most standard business cards. These standards are built on a logical flow of text and business information strategically positioned on a small rectangle to effectively communicate contact information and your business message. Afterall, there is not much room to communicate your message on your business card. Both the essentials and the message must conform to a specification that is logical and to the point. Often, sophisticated layouts with angled text and with sporadic positioning of text can in fact have a negative impact. While the intended purpose was to create a unique business card design, the end result is a sea of text which confuses the recipient of your business card and even induce a feeling that your business is too "Avante Garde", or even disorganized!

Working With Suggested Layouts

There is no standard for a business card layout. The layout should compliment an background image, if you have chosen an image to incorporate into your business card design. Quite simply, you may have one business card image with one layout combination. Alternatively, you may be working with one business card image and multiple layout templates which will in fact work together to establish a meaningful business card design. Professor Print's online system will recommend a layout that best compliments your selected business card background.

Customizing The Template

When working with one of our templates, try populating one text field at a time and review the template to ensure that your selected layout will work nicely with your selected business card background image. If you find after inserting your information into several fields that the template is now off balance, you can use your space bar on your PC to move text around right or left and adjust the spacing. Otherwise, try picking a different layout template to see the resulting effect. If you find your layout contains a good balance of text but then is fighting the background image of your business card, don't get caught up in revising the layout. Consider using an alternate business card background image. Remember, imagery is important, but it's a fine line between colorful and relevant business card images and a text layout that will effectively communicate your business message and establish balance in your business card design.

From Template To Custom Design

Once you begin working with a business card template, you will quickly discover that the template is can become unique and personal to you and your business. It becomes your own unique design on several levels. With over 15,000 images and millions of card combinations, there is a good chance your use of imagery and text is unlike anyone else. Finally, it is the information you provide, your company name, your business slogan, or motto and all other business card essentials which make the template become your own creation and therefore your own custom design. Remember, keep it simple and your design will be effective in helping you drive new business.

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