About Professor Print

About Professor Print

Who’s behind the cute cartoon guy?

Thousands of small businesses across the United States and Canada rely on our design and printing solutions. We aim to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience, with the best quality printing output, whether you Design and order online, or upload a custom design. We’ve been around too. Since 2003 we’ve aligned ourselves with top printing facilities to ensure your experience is smooth and your complete satisfaction. We negotiate quantity discounts and shipping discounts for you behind the scenes, while you simple point and click through our tools and wizards to tell us what you want Professor Print to do for you.

What separates Professor Print from its competitors is our ability to provide you with the Internet's most extensive library of business card designs and templates. Now, more than 15,000 templates in 200+ categories are available to you royalty free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our massive database of business card templates grows every day. Our commitment to providing you with the Internet's largest selection of designs helps ensure your corporate identity is unique and with images that best reflect your specific area of expertise.

Because we eliminate costly steps in the business card creation process and print hundreds of orders every single week, we are able to pass on incredible cost and time savings to businesses of all sizes, while preserving the highest standards in printing quality.

Our Standards and Your Satisfaction

Your Business Card Design

At Professor Print, we stand by our commitment to bring you the most extensive library of business card images and design patterns online. We have either designed all templates in-house, have commissioned teams of freelance photographers to capture specific themes for us, or have acquired all rights to use, distribute and sell imagery. Our library currently contains thousands of images and it grows every day. Each image, or photo background on it's own is not your intellectual property, but when combined with your text and selected layout, the design becomes your intellectual property and you retain copyright to the design. We retain NO ownership over any part of your business card or it's design.

Concerned about how the card you design online will look in print?

All business card designs on the Professor Print website are displayed in a low, Internet-friendly screen resolution. As a result, text may appear jagged or not smooth as desired. This is done intentionally to ensure your business card can be created quickly and effortlessly online. We guarantee that all fonts and images printed on OUR printing press are in the highest print resolution (600 dpi vs. 72 dpi on your computer screen), using industry standard best practices that produce smooth edges and ultra crisp text.

Your Business Identity

We guarantee there is no reference to our company both on the front side or back side of your business card when printed through us. We have strict policies to protect your privacy at all times and we ensure your cards only carry your own information and not ours. Beware of sellers who will give you free business cards in exchange for promoting their own company on the back side of your cards or have their name embedded in your business card design.

Printing Output

We guarantee the highest level of commercial printing output. We never use a home printing system, but rather a sophisticated commericial printing press, which has been optimized for large printing runs, while maintaining consistency in color separation, color richness, card cutting and design resolution with every card you order. We maintain a 99% + consistency record in each of these quality control areas, no matter how small or how large the print run is.