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Using Plastic Business Cards

Being creative with business cards isn't always easy. With so many colors and fonts to choose from it can be difficult finding the right style and design that captures your skills and business. One way to make a lasting impression is to change the material of the card. While sturdy bond paper is traditionally used for business cards you can opt for a more durable material such as plastic that will offer you many options for unique designs and give your card a decided edge by being much different from other people's cards.

You can find plastic cards in two sizes at Professor Print: business card size and credit card size. We offer these two sizes because plastic can be used as a traditional business card but can also be used for many other purposes including gym membership cards, retail loyalty programs, hotel reward programs and VIP cards for nightclubs and social clubs. The versatility of plastic business cards makes it a great choice for businesses that have membership programs and also as a keyless entry system for staff. Of course, you can also create unique custom business cards that are made of plastic which are great for people in industries that involve heavy handling and rough environments including construction, engineering and manufacturing.

Using a plastic business card to separate you from the competition is a great idea. While most prospects will be handling a mountain of paper cards that all feel the same, your plastic business card will immediately stand out as soon as it's felt. The smooth and hard surface of plastic is very noticeable and will be handled differently than a paper card. When you add full color graphics and creative font or even raised print text you create a unique business card that can't be overlooked. At Professor Print we offer over 15,000 templates to choose from when designing a plastic business card so you won't have any trouble getting ideas for your designs.

You can also use plastic credit card size business cards for a number of membership and reward programs for retail stores, gym and fitness centers, hotels, nightclubs and bars. Offering loyal members discounts is a great way to keep their business and with high quality plastic cards they will feel privileged and you will have an effective way to track spending habits and frequency of visits. Plastic business cards are unique, creative and very versatile so check out the great selection at Professor Print and get ready to make an impression.

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