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Unique Business Cards

Business cards are a staple of any profession but that doesn't mean yours has to look just like everyone else's. In fact, if you want to make an impression with vendors and potential clients you'd be wise to be creative and unique with your business cards. At Professor Print we offer a huge selection of business card templates and designs to help get you started on creating a business cards that will not only clearly state your skills but give you an advantage over all those plain cards cluttering the desks of decision makers. Whether it's using full color, raised print text or a gold plated metal card we have the right tools to make unique business cards that get results.

When you set out to create a unique business card spend some time thinking about the industry you work in and what makes it special. From graphic design and consulting to auto detailing and banking every business has certain elements that make it exclusive and capturing this special quality is important in separating yourself from the herd. Even if you work in a button down environment such as finance or insurance there are still ways to add a little flair to your card such as using a gold plated metal or even a black anodized aluminum that keeps it safe but also has a creative touch.

Industries that are more casual such as catering, photography and DJ'ing can get away with more wild and exotic business card designs. Uploading photos of your work and designing custom business cards around those images is a great way to create a card that will be instantly recognizable as your own. Adding full color to a business card is always a good way of attracting attention but you will want to be careful not to go overboard and create a confusing mash of colors that will turn some people off.

Another way to create a unique business card that will get results is to give the recipient a call to action or be creatively vague in order to stir a response. Some people in business have had great success with business cards that are quite simple but arouse the curiosity of a client enough to want them to make a call. Overcrowding a card with too much information can be a bad idea since it takes up too much space and no one really needs to know seven different ways of contacting you. Being unique means being creative and when you design a business card that captures what makes you special you can count on getting the business you want.

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