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Stick Around with Magnetic Business Cards

For some industries it helps to have a unique business card that will be used outside of a Rolodex. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC repairmen and contractors all get called when there are emergencies with wiring and pipes in the home or office and when this happens having a magnetic business card may be the reason you get the call instead of a competitor. With a magnet backing on your business card it's much easier for homeowners and business owners to stick your card on refrigerators, filing cabinets, microwaves and other appliances that have a metal surface. This way when there is a broken pipe, faulty air conditioner or a power outage they can get your number in a hurry without having to rummage through a stack of business cards.

At Professor Print we have thousands of business card templates that can be used to create a high quality magnetic business card. Made in standard business card size (2"x3.5") with a thick magnet backing that can hold paper on a refrigerator and the option for 17pt or 13pt thickness our unique magnet business cards are super durable and will be put where clients can find your contact information in a hurry. Anyone who works in a service industry will benefit from a magnetic business card. If your field is plumbing, roofing, computer repair or HVAC repair it pays to use a magnet business card so your card can be placed in convenient places people will know to look.

At Professor Print you can upload your own designs, choose from one of our thousands of custom background templates or have one of our professional graphic designers create a custom business card that is just right for your business. If you work in a reminder-related service having a magnet business card will ensure that clients have your contact information in front of them when they need to make an important call. Realtors, contractors, locksmiths, tailors and handymen can all benefit from using a magnet business card and at Professor Print you'll get high quality business cards at affordable prices.

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