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Is Metal Your Material?

Metal business cards have become quite popular of late and it's pretty easy to see why. The allure of gold, silver and black anodized metal is very appealing and though the cost per card is higher than regular paper cards many people will make the investment to have a card as shiny and high end as a metal business card. But before you go spending your money on gold plated or silver plated aluminum metal cards consider if it is the right material for you and your business. Just because a metal card works for some people in business doesn't mean it will work for you so think carefully about the people you are trying to reach and then decide if metal is the way to go.

When it comes to business cards metal can serve two primary functions: the durable material can be ideal for people who work construction and engineering jobs and need a tough material to withstand the rigors of being handed out at drilling and excavation sites but metal, especially aluminum that is plated over with gold and silver, can also be used to impress upon clients value and CEO status. If your business involves working outdoors then a strong metal card may be a wise choice since it won't crease, tear or rip the way paper will. And if you are president of a major corporation or handle large accounts for stock trading firms a gold or silver plated business card can indicate to prospects your high standing.

For people who work in oilfield jobs, construction and civil engineering a metal business card is a good idea. When you're called to a site to offer consultations or estimates it helps to have a business card that will stand up to the rough conditions these areas are known for. Choosing an aluminum or black anodized aluminum card will ensure your important contact information doesn't get torn, ripped or faded due to outdoor hazards. You can find full color aluminum business cards as well to add a little flair that can match your business logo.

If you work in finance and handle high-level accounts for trading firms and hedge funds you may want to choose a gold plated metal business card to let potential clients know that they are dealing with a heavy hitter. Stock trading and investment banking are industries where image counts and there's a reason these men wear expensive Armani suits and sport Rolex watches. If you have a striking gold business card to hand off to potential clients they will definitely know that you are someone to be taken seriously.

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