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Gold Business Cards

There are many ways to make an impression with business cards but nothing stands out quite like gold. Whether you work in the gold industry or want to impress clients with your high rank in finance or management having a gold plated business card can be a great marketing tool. At Professor Print we offer a great selection of gold plated business card templates that can be custom designed to match your specific industry or job title. Featuring gold covering over aluminum our gold business cards are polished and durable so you have a stunning card that will last.

While metal business cards aren't for everyone there are certain professions that are good fits for a gold plated business card. Obviously people who work in gold, either traders or gold buyers, can enhance their calling card by using the precious metal they work with. Also, people who work in high finance such as hedge funds and investment banking may want to impress upon their clients the level they operate on and having a gold business card will definitely make people aware of your status.

At Professor Print we offer three distinct ink colors, red, black and blue to use for the lettering on your gold business card. Choose from a great selection of fonts and sizes to get the exact look you want and view proofs in real time to approve the design before it prints. With gold business cards you won't have any trouble making a lasting impression with the people you work with. When you've reached a certain level in your company and want to enjoy the rewards that come with it treat yourself to a polished gold business card that will let everyone know you've arrived.

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