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Effective Business Card Ideas

An effective business card is obviously one that works. It can be plastic, full color, gold plated metal or simple paper just so long as it gets the results you want. However, many people in business rack their brains trying to figure out the best way to create an effective business card. At Professor Print we have a great selection of business card templates and designs to choose from and a helpful staff that will work with you to create compelling and captivating business cards that will land the big accounts.

Before you set out to create your business card give careful consideration to your industry and the people you will be passing your cards out to. Matching business card themes with specific industries such as finance, real estate and engineering is crucial to relating to prospects and if your card doesn't fit the style of the business you're in it could mean no response. Study the business cards of other people who work in your field, especially those that are successful, and see what tips and ideas you can take from their card. Your individual presentation and character will be what seals the deal but getting in the door is what effective business cards are for.

With business cards you are making a first impression. Whether you hand it out at a trade show or include it with a presentation folder, this card is your introduction and it is imperative that you get it right the first time. In business there's no such thing as second chances so don't be lax when it comes to designing your business card. Know your industry, what you can offer it and come up with clever ways to incorporate those skills into your business card. If you're a graphic designer consider using your artwork as a background, if you're a realtor include a picture of a recent home you have sold and if you work in high finance try a gold plated aluminum metal business card to impress upon clients your confidence.

Have a few ideas in mind when designing business cards and print out more than one type. You may find that a full color business card works with some clients but not with others and the more versions you have the better you can match to specific clients. You don't need to go overboard and have hundreds of different cards but if you have a few unique business cards you can be versatile in your approach and increase your chances of getting the sale.

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