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Creative Business Cards

You don't need to be a graphic design pro to make creative business cards that will get you noticed. In fact, some of the most effective business cards are ones that are simple and to the point and have been designed by people with little or no design experience. There are many ways to be creative with your business card and here are a few tips to help you get started.

First off, know who your audience is when designing business cards. If you work in finance you will want to create a card that is simple and clear. This is not the market for neon colors and wild designs. People who work on Wall Street, in investment banking and corporate finance deal in a no-nonsense world and their cards should reflect this attitude. However, if you work in a business that caters children's parties then you will want to be more colorful and whimsical so you convey a feeling of fun that will entice parents to want to call on you.

Next, figure out what your strengths are in your profession and find ways to get those across with your business card. If you are detail-oriented and meticulous then create a card that reflects your attention to detail by having a card that is sharp and direct. If you are the artistic type then make a business card that shows off your creative skills by incorporating designs you have created and colors that really grab the attention of the person you are giving your cards to.

Lastly, keep your contact info brief and have it spaced in a way that is easy to read. Some people are so eager to show off all their information that their card looks like a string of programming code. Choose the preferred method for someone to get in touch with, be it a cell phone number or email, and stick with it. Adding Twitter handles, Facebook pages, multiple phone and fax numbers and email addresses will only confuse people and make them less likely to reach out to you. BY being simple you can still be creative and have a better chance of making connections that can help your business grow.

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