Metal Business Cards

Metal Business Cards

Silver / Gold Plated
Brass Business Cards

Gold Plated Brass Metal Business Card
  • Credit Card Size
  • Thicker And Less Flexible
  • Choose Different Textures
  • Choose Various Borders
  • 2-4 Colors / 1-2 Sides
  • Cutouts Optional
  • Embossed Lettering

Stainless Steel
Metal Business Cards

Stainless Steel metal business card sample
  • Credit Card Size
  • Thicker & Less Flexible
  • Etched Lettering
  • 1-2 Colors / 1-2 Sides
  • Cut-outs Optional
  • High Quality

Full Color
Aluminum Business Cards

  • Full color offset printing
  • 2 Thicknesses To choose from
  • 1 or 2 sided.

When you're ready to take your game to a new level check out our wide selection of high quality metal business cards. Unlike paper and plastic cards, metal business cards instantly put you in a different class and let clients know you are someone to be taken seriously. Whether you choose gold plated or silver plated metal business cards, there's no doubt that the people you are presenting to will remember you. We also have high quality brass, aluminum and stainless steel metal business cards to match your particular business or industry.

When you roll in the high stakes circles of investment banking, casinos, hedge fund trading or nightclub entertainment you need more than just a standard paper business card to be taken seriously. Making impressions in high pressure industries takes savvy marketing and one way to gain an edge on competitors is to outshine them with the high quality gold plated and silver plated metal business cards. With a look and feel unlike any other business card material, metal business cards immediately cast you in a positive light that indicates you are someone to be treated with respect.

Other good uses for metal business cards are industries where work is done outside and you need a durable card that can handle being dropped in construction sites, oil drilling rigs and industrial complexes. With a stainless steel business card as your offering you can rest easy knowing your card is sturdy enough to take a beating and still look great when your client needs to call on you. We offer a variety of high quality metal business cards including brass, aluminum and stainless steel to give you a card that is as tough as you are. Choose fro thousands of design templates in our online inventory, upload your own pre-existing file or have on e of our professional in-house graphic designers custom create a metal business card that will best represent you and your services.